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WHITE FLAG インタビュー 
待望のWHITE FLAGのニューアルバム
のリリースですが、 完成間近にして、2013,9月に中心人物のPATが

2011 12月発売MOBSPROOF VOL.07 に搭載された
インタビューの原文をMOBS PROOF編集長の暖かい協力を得てアップしました。



Q There's a kind of mysterious atmosphere around the band especially
the name it self. Please explain how the band had formed (and where
the band name derived) and broad strokes till now. And how the band
has got involved in the 80's Hard Core scene.

PAT FEAR: Obviously our name is a parody of Black Flag, as is our logo. I was upset with the new "hardcore" punks who had no idea what the

original punk scene was about. All the people who used to beat up people for having colored spiked hair and funny clothes, suddenly had boots and chain and shaved their heads

and started ruining shows with violence, and imposing their own "rules" on the scene, and hurting people physically that didn't conform to their "rules". This made me angry,

so we started a band to just really anger those stupid type of media made punks who knew nothing about the real music scene, and everyone who were original punks, including Black Flag,

all got the joke and supported us.

TRACE ELEMENT:all our early shows were opening for Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Redd Kross, people who understood what we were about.

EL SWE: When I first heard of the band, I got the joke immediately, but the thing that interested me most was they were a good band too! I never thought I'd end up being IN the band, very strange...

KIM CRIMSON: Tat tends to happen with White Flag, I offered to fill in on bass for one show in Spain because Doug Graves couldn't make it, and my real band The Posies was

also playing, (we were each headlining one night of a three night festival, Arthur Lee & Love headlined the other night) and here I am 17 years later having made several albums as a full member and having played places like Faroe Islands and Iceland

with the band.

Q Who had took part in the band? Please tell about the members.

TRACE ELEMENT: White Flag has released 23 albums, singles and CD's, in countries as

varied as South Africa, Japan and the Faroe Islands.

EL SWE: White Flag is also the only band from The United States of

America to ever play Greenland, where we headlined the annual

Aasiaat Nipia Rock Festival, north of the Arctic Circle.

PAT FEAR: we have a well known rotating roster of band members, the line up includes myself,

14 year veteran Kim Crimson (Ken Stringfellow of The Posies), 12 year veteran El Swe (Chips K. of

Sweden's premier punk rock and roll band Sator), and 25 year veteran,

drummer Trace Element. Other members of the "White Flag Army" who have

recorded or toured as a member of the band, have included and still include: Jello B Afro,

Al Bum, Pick Z. Stix, El Fee, Hole's Eric Erlandson and Courtney Love,

Pat Smear, Bruce Duff of the Jeff Dahl Group, 45 Grave and The Adz,

Victor M. Surrounded, Javier Escovedo (of legendary Los Angeles punk band

The Zeros),Thurston Moore, Jeff and Steve McDonald of Redd Kross, Pat Smear of the Germs/Nirvana/Foo Fighters,

Kim Shattuck and Ronnie Barnett of The Muffs, and Rancid's

Tim Armstrong, who plays on the CD "Eternally Undone"

How Greg Hetson (CIRCLE JERKS), Kim Shattuck (The Pandoras, Red

Kross) got joined? And about Tesco Vee.

TRACE ELEMENT: Well Kim Shattuck was never in Redd Kross,just White Flag, The Muffs, Pandoras and The Beards,

but these people are just friends, and White Flag is very fluid, we've had fans join, members of other bands ask to join

people go in and out of the band, most of them have other bands too so sometimes it is years between them being in White Flag.

KIM CRIMSON: I've never even met Tesco but we play on records together, that's the miracle of sending master tapes by the mail, or nowadays,

whole recording session by the internet.

DOUG GRAVES:Certain bands have a similar sense of fun and humor like we do, so we end up doing things like recording and tour together,

like with NOFX, or Adrenaline O.D., or Tesco.

PAT FEAR: We just did our first Midwest of the USA dates last year with The Meatmen, USA is so big we never been to the center of the country,

only the East and West Coasts and Texas, Alaska and Hawaii.

DOUG GRAVES: Nobody plays Alaska, but White Flag has.

PAT FEAR: White Flag will play anywhere anyone flies us. We just played Sardinia, for the second time!

Q Please tell the recent activity of the band.

PAT FEAR: Well we just got back from a tour of Europe, we had a really good time. And we have a new album coming out on Hardcore Kitchen, called "It Crawled

Out Of The Woodwork". We're hoping a Japanese promoter will bring us over. I made Shonen Knife popular in USA putting out a tribute album and their

own records out on Gasatanka in the US and Europe, when nobody knew who they were, and getting them on tour with Nirvana, maybe some Japanese promoter will

do the same for us. We've had singles out in Japan but this is our first full CD and we'd like to come over and support it.

TRACE ELEMENT: We're making a new single with Tesco singing soon, and have a split 7" e,p. out in Germany with a great band called The Holy Kings,

with cover art by Raymond Pettibon!

KIM CRIMSON: Actually there's a Pettibon comic in the CD booklet of the new Hardcore Kitchen CD, Raymond is a huge supporter of the band, he did the cover art

for our Chinese release (totally different songs than on Harcdcore Kitchen release) and our Chilean release coming out in 2012.

Q The band had covered many kind of songs. Which bands had

influenced to the band? And about the favorite bands.

PAT FEAR: Well, we've covered The Saints, KISS, Blue Oyster Cult, Wire, Generation X, the Germs, Black Flag, X-Ray Spex...

TRACE ELEMENT: Derwood Andrews from Generation X plays a guest guitar solo on the new CD!

PAT FEAR: He's one of my heroes, and he lives here in the desert in California, so I got him to play on the song, I am very happy about that!

EL SWE:I loved early punk, Eater, Buzzcocks, but we are all fans of great rock and roll before punk, Stooges, New York Dolls, Gizmos.

PAT FEAR: El Swe knows more about music than almost anyone. The Gizmos are a really obscure band and he has all their records...and demo tapes.

KIM CRIMSON: Classic 6o's and 70's pop too, like Bee Gees, Hollies, and of course Big Star, who I eventually ended up being IN. Strange world we live in.

PAT FEAR: I've love the Brazilian band Os Mutantes since 1968, when NOBODY outside of Brazil ever heard of them, and no the leader of that band, Sergio Dias,

plays on our new CD too! Two of my favorite

guitar players of all time on our record, yeah!!!!

TRACE ELEMENT: Bleach 03, Acid Mothers Temple.

PAT FEAR: The Plastics, UFO Or Die, Boredoms, Hi-Rise, Cornelius, NEU!, The Residents, and CLINIC from Liverpool, good friends and just brilliant,

their new album is going to be amazing, I've heard the demos..

KIM CRIMSON: Princess Princess LOL!

Q Please tell about Mr.Pat Fear's Police anorak, Germs anorak,

PAT FEAR: It was a joke in the beginning of the band, because I decided looking "punk" in 1982, after I had been having day-glo

orange spiked hair in 1976, and hanging out with the early L.A. punk scene, (even though we are all from small farm town over an

hour away from Hollywood) was not what White Flag would be about; the other guys in the original band all had long hair, which was

their way of looking like the opposite punk, wearing silly rock star clothes like spandex pants and platform heels,

and I didn't. I had short hair, so I grew a mustache and went for the "police officer" look of the 1970's, as seen on Black Flag's classic

"Police Story" shirt, which we had a parody shirt of. At our first shows, which were opening fro Black Flag, Henry even wore one, they all though it was really

funny and supported us, because they understood our humor and making fun of the later generation of L.A. punks who didn't understand

the "'no rules" and "No Values" ethics of the original punk scene.

Doug Graves: Pat used to dress like a policeman on stage, and he looked so much like one that w people started asking if he really was one, and

we would just refuse to answer the question, making it a mystery. People still ask us to day, it is hysterically funny. Greg Hetson used to wear

that Police Story White Flag shirt on stage a lot, now Smelly from NOFX wears his White Flag Army shirt almost every show, there are tons of photos of

him wearing it, it is starting to fall apart.

PAT FEAR:One of NOFX's first gigs ever was opening for us. They're good friends, I am actually the only person not in NOFX to coo write a song with

Fat Mike, it's called Spaghetti Motel (Them From A Spanish Cartoon Show), it was on a 7" for their singles club, then on that big 3 CD set of Fat Wreck Chords bands,

Fat Wrecktropective.

KIM CRIMSON:It is so funny, people have no idea how difficult it is to become a police officer, they do a very thorough background investigation, NOBODY

who was known to hang out with people like the Germs would EVER pass that background investigation ha ha!

PATE FEAR:or the polygraph test! I've NEVER taken drugs, but I've certainly been around them,from Darby to Kurt, and one of the questions they ask during a

lie detector test is "have you ever been around anyone using illegal drugs" and if yo say "yes" then you fail and can't be a police officer, and if you lie and say

"no" the machine says you are a liar, so you can't be a police officer...so it is just ridiculous that people still ask that question!

TRACE ELEMENT:Punks who had fathers who were police men started showing up when we were on tour, giving Pat their Dad's police uniforms,

as they were stealing them from their Dad's closet, and giving them to Pat to wear them on stage. We just got back from Europe last week and someone gave him

a German police uniform the kid stole from his MOTHER!!!

PAT FEAR: It is really ugly, it is vomit green, yuck! I will NEVER wear that...

KIM CRIMSON:I will, it is a woman's uniform, and I like wearing women's clothing, and underwear

Q: And Germs anorak?

PAT FEAR: They were the first L.A. punk band, and the first punk band I ever saw. Some people say maybe the first L.A. band was

The Weirdos or The Mongrels, but they were the first one I knew about, and had the first single out,they were just the crazies band in the world.

I started getting into punk with the Ramones first record, but the first band I ever met and became friends with were the Germs. I've released a Germs tribute

album on White Flag's label (Gasatanka Records) and some authorized live singles and a 10", and I was a technical advisor on the movie "What We Do Is Secret".

Anything "wrong" on the set or in the clothing in that movie happened on the days I wasn't there supervising!

TRACE ELEMENT: I helped a few times too, making sure there were no RANCID shirts in what was supposed to be 1978 and things like that, or printed

GERMS t shirts, as those things didn't exist then.

PAT FEAR: There is one scene with an interview with Shane, who played Darby (and now sings for the Germs)in the movie, and he's wearing a

White Flag button, and I have to say I WAS NOT THERE THAT DAY, he just had a button on his leather jacket, there's a Channel 3 button too,

and they didn't exist then, I would of made them take them off but I wasn't on the set every day...I tried to get the director to digitally

remove both badges, but it was too expensive. It's pretty embarrassing, people think I did it deliberately! One funny thing is they recreated the filming of the Germs

scene in "The Decline of Western Civilization". I am the guy in the orange shirt writing on Darby in that scene in the real movie, and I STILL have the clothes I wore

in that scene, so Pat Smear and I found an extra on the set of that scene that sort of looked like I did in 1979, and put him in my clothes and HE writes on the actor playing Darby in that scene.

KIM CRIMSON: So that orange shirt with the Germs arm band and the hand made silk screened Germs t-shirt the kid is wearing have been in two moves with the person wearing them doing the same thing!

PAT FEAR: Yes, any Japanese Germs collector that wants to buy them for their collection, contact me by facebook, seriously! Lots of the other clothes people are wearing in the Declin.... Germs and Black Flag scenes in that movie are mine,

like the red and white striped jacket my friend Mark from the band Death Patrol is wearing, and the Test Pattern shirt Jon from Death Patrol is wearing, so any collectors who want to own that, contact me!

TRACE ELEMENT: Pat Smear played on our last record, and co-wrote a song for a forthcoming record called "Zodioactive".

DOUG GRAVES:I used to have Darby's boots, his boyfriend Donnie Rose was from our home town of Riverside (well we lived in the farm town

called Sunnymead, Riverside is "the big city" next door) and he got them after Darby passed away, and they didn't fit him, so he gave them to Pat, then Pat gave

them to me. I'm wearing them on the back cover of our lp and on the poster for our

first album "S IS FOR SPACE". They got stolen when I was moving houses once and a whole moving van full of my furniture, clothes and a bass got carjacked!

PAT FEAR: Don Bolles has a great voice and sings backing vocals on the new lp, he's sung on our records before, no has Mike Ness from Social Distortion, in 1984.

Mr.Jello B. Afro's daily work, Mr. Mike Mess's daily work and Trace

Element's. Please tell about your ordinary daily life.

TRACE ELEMENT: I inspect theme parks for safety, like roller coasters, and things like rides at Disneyland.

PAT FEAR: Well, Jello B. Afro and Mike Mess aren't on this CD, maybe as a guest on a few songs, so they aren't answering any questions! They ARE on the

Chinese CD "On Beyond Zebra", which will be out in early 2012, on "Kids-Union" Records", with, as I said, totally different songs than the Hardcore Kitchen Release

Q Had BLACK FLAG not claimed to the band name?

PAT FEAR: Well, the have claimed their own band name, but not ours, since it is different, but even if it was possible, they are our friends and never bothered us

about it, they are supportive. Remember, we played our first two shows ever opening for them, using all of their amps and drums.

Now I am working on a special package compilation 2x 7" EP with a Raymond Pettibon comic book in the gatefold, with a new song from Ron Reyes, one from Chuck Dukowski's new band, White Flag, and a Dez Cadena solo song

and an new Redd Kross song, on Munster Records in Spain, so obviously we're all friends.

Q About the new album, please tell the relationship of guest

musicians (Sean Lennon, Dez Cadena of Black Flag, Susan Cowsill

of The Cowsills, Michael Lee Smith of STARZ, Howie Pyro of DGeneration, Danzig).

PAT FEAR: Well, none of them are related to each other, to my knowledge.

TRACE ELEMENT: Pat just knows a lot of people. We released a Cowsills single on Gasatanka a long time ago, we're friends with them, and they were one of my favorite bands when I was a kid.

They're still amazing live, their last album "Global" is one of the best pop rock record ever recorded.

PAT FEAR: Vicki Peterson of The Bangles was on one of our early records, and now she's married to John Cowsill, so it's sort of a family thing.

EL SWE: Yoko and Sean were fans of Pat and Trace's side band with Pat Smear and Jeff and Steve McDonald, TATER TOTZ that's how they met, they were FANS of THEIRS!

PAT FEAR: I went to see Yoko's first show in decades in New York, and Sean freaked out when he saw me in the crowd, and said on stage "Mom, that's the guy from Tater Totz".

Sean and I have written some of the songs on the new CD together, and some songs for other people. He's a really nice, normal person, and his band with his girlfriend, "Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger"

is amazing. Also Cornelius members in Plastic Ono Band, Shimmy and Yuko, and Yuka Honda from the great Cibo Matto are good friends, but they don't play on our record. I love Shimmy and Yuko's side band Mi-Gu!

DOUG GRAVES: We're doing a record with Michael Lee Smith on lead vocals, but on the new album he just does backing vocals. We recorded a version of their hit "Cherry Baby" that is on aCD we did a while ago.

KIM CRIMSON: Actually, none of White Flag actually plays on our new album, it is all the guests players. That made it much less work for us. Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick played most of the guitar.

PAT FEAR: I own Tom Petersson's first custom 10 string Hamer bass, the only 10 string they ever made, the rest are 12 strings. We use it a lot on our records.



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